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Supercharge Microsoft Work Management with Strategy Execution

An on-demand webinar from UMT360.
Supercharge MS Work Management

Gain visibility across all work

Whether used individually or in concert, Microsoft’s work management solutions simply lack the portfolio management capabilities needed to truly align all execution with strategy. Watch this webinar replay to lean how to add those missing capabilities to any Microsoft work management tool.

Supercharge Microsoft Project Online, Project for the Web and Azure Boards

This webinar will show you how adding missing capabilities like roadmapping, resource management or portfolio analysis can help you gain complete visibility across all work – regardless of which Microsoft tools are being used.

Watch this WEBINAR now and learn how UMT360 can help you:


Gain visibility and standardize governance across all Planner, Project and Azure Boards work


Generate simplified resource capacity plans


Create and manage automated roadmaps


Run what-if portfolio management scenarios