Benefits Realization - Measure Results and Drive Accountability

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UMT360 in Action: Doing More with Project Server

In order to secure project funding, stakeholders often exaggerate the benefits included in their business cases.  If the planned benefits are not realized, the result is compromised confidence in the PPM team.  Building a credible Benefits Realization process is key.

In this video, UMT360's Chief Product and Marketing Officer Ben Chamberlain shows you how UMT360 helps businesses establish a benefits realization framework to:

  • effectively track the actual value delivered across the investment portfolio
  • drive accountability
  • encourage realistic estimates

In this presentation,
you'll see how
UMT360's out of the
box reports and
dashboards help you
lock down benefit
estimates, view
real-time variances,
measure results and,
as pictured below,
track actual benefits