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Transform Your 2015 Annual Planning 

With 2015 fast approaching portfolio planning tops the list of concerns for executives and PMOs across the globe.  However executives have known for years that the portfolio planning processes used by most organizations are badly broken, but the recent financial crisis has turned this weakness into a potentially fatal flaw.  While economic recovery is in full swing, the majority of CEOs, CFOs and CIOs believe that heightened uncertainty will remain part of the new norm—placing continued pressure on portfolio investment planning.

How should PMO leaders respond?  View this webinar archive and learn how to deploy a scalable planning model that helps companies meet their planning needs for 2015 investments and beyond.  You will learn:  

  • Why traditional annual planning is flawed
  • How capability-centric planning ultimately improves demand
  • How to build multi-year investment roadmaps
  • Why continuous rebalance of portfolios with dynamic reallocation is necessary, and how to do it

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Mike Gruia




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