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"Once seen as merely an analysis conducted at a project’s conclusion, today’s benefits realization helps drive portfolio success from the beginning."


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Benefits realization is designed to ensure that the payoff expected from business investments actually occurs. Defined by Gartner as the discipline organizations adopt to maximize the business value of projects and investments, all businesses talk about benefits realization, yet in reality, most turn a blind eye to the fact that projected benefits are rarely realized.

Why?  Download this whitepaper to learn about the three main hurdles to benefits realization and more importantly, what to do about it, including these important steps.

  1. Shift thinking and focus from investments to benefits.
  2. Shift from fragmented to integrated investments.
  3. Augment the current PPM control system with the benefits realization control system.

People involved in managing projects and owning the benefits realization process are not simply victims of the PPM system; they have helped create it. They built an enterprise investment system that is concerned primarily with pretending to measure the success of projects while forgetting to watch the most important dial – the promised business measures expressed in financial and non-financial metrics that the organization cares about.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to proceed.

UM360 Whitepaper:

The Benefits Realization Crisis