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“There is a great opportunity for the CIO to position him or herself as a leader at the center of all investment strategies in business digitalization."  


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CIOs are under increasing pressure to rationalize costs and improve the quality of IT services to drive business performance.  Faced with having to do more with less, many are turning to Enterprise Portfolio Management to transform the way they manage IT investments.
In his Whitepaper IT Investment Digitalization - CIO Threat or Opportunity, UMT360 CEO Mike Gruia discusses IT investment digitalization and how CIOs are best positioned to seize the opportunity and lead the company's digital revolution.  In his whitepaper, you'll learn: 
  • What investment digitalization really means for the future of the CIO
  • Five roadblocks to digitalizing IT investments 
  • Three breakthrough Enterprise Portfolio Management digital business models 


Download this Whitepaper to learn more.

UMT360 Whitepaper: 

IT Investment Digitalization - CIO Threat or Opportunity?