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"As the digital revolution is transforming the economy, the greatest risk is in not investing enough in technology that drives business growth and innovation."


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The availability of new game-changing technologies such as cloud, mobile, social and information is driving an insatiable demand for investment in growth and innovation.   It's created a challenge for most organizations which must find ways to fund innovation with budgets which remain flat or increase incrementally.   

So, how do organizations find ways to ensure modernization projects get an appropriate share of the highly constrained capital?  Download this UMT360 Whitepaper to  learn:

  1. Why IT is becoming less relevant.
  2. How to begin investing more in growth and transformation projects.
  3. How to improve your organization's  "Growth Ratio"

Download this whitepaper to learn how to proceed.

UMT360 Whitepaper:

Managing IT as if Tomorrow Mattered: A Growth Manifesto