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The Messy Business of Managing Investments in Applications  

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“With applications being a critical capability and consuming so much of an organization's IT budget, the danger is poor APM can lessen the effectiveness of an organization's overall IT portfolio management capabilities."


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Applications typically account for more than a third of a company's IT budget, and further, 75-80% of IT spend is on"run-the-business" investments.  Forward thinking IT leaders are digitalizing application portfolios to rationalize IT spend, manage application investments, and optimize for growth.  

In his WhitePaper The Messy Business of Managing Investments in Applications, UMT360 CEO Mike Gruia explores why existing APM isn't performing optimally and what businesses need to do to overcome APM challenges.  Mike looks at:​

  • ​Key factors affecting an organization's ability to effectively manage applications investments
  • Three Digital Business Models to help businesses better manage applications and close the capacity gap
  • IT changes to make today that put you on the road to better Application Portfolio Management 

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