UMT360 eBook

Strategic Portfolio Management Addressing The Key Imperatives


To master portfolio management, you must first acknowledge 12 key imperatives

True business agility is impossible if execution is disconnected from strategy. Download this eBook to learn about the 12 key imperatives every organization must address, and discover how they impact the capabilities you’ll need to execute while also delivering strategically across all investments.

What to expect from this UMT360 eBook:


Understand Gartner’s distinction between project management and strategic portfolio management


Learn why a focus on execution tools and techniques only addresses half the problem


Discover insights you’ll need to move beyond projects and manage investments across the enterprise


Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) is the key to business agility. This eBook explains how 12 key business imperatives are shaping the SPM capabilities your organization will need to adopt to finally align all execution with strategy.