UMT360 Whitepaper

Redefining Portfolio Management in the Age of Agility


Aligning all execution with strategy

Execution disconnected from strategy can never deliver the transformation today’s organizations need to compete and grow. The right top-down strategic planning coupled with clear and current operational objectives are critical to ensure that every initiative is aligned with strategy.

Shifting the focus back to that second P in PPM

In this paper, former Gartner analyst Donna Fitzgerald discusses why organizations continue to struggle to find the right mix between operational and innovative investment. A portfolio leader’s job is to support effective executive decision-making. The key is knowing which information to capture and at what time it needs to be captured.

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What capabilities are needed to manage an agile, adaptive, modern portfolio


The critical role that roadmaps play in helping you manage project portfolio management


How robust portfolio modeling allows your organization to make better change management decisions


Key elements of successful strategy execution in an effort to reach organizational goals