UMT360 Whitepaper

Drive Business Agility by Moving from a Project to a Product Mindset

Lean Portfolio Management is the key to transforming your business

Becoming a digital organization requires a product perspective. In this paper, former Gartner analyst Donna Fitzgerald discusses why truly agile businesses need to leverage the right portfolio management and agile project management tools and processes to help them understand and manage the inter-dependencies between all work.

Download this whitepaper and learn:


The keys to harmonizing all work in the face of the Tri-Modal Reality.


The role of governance controls in managing both Products or Programs.


How portfolio management can help you to continuously adapt to changing conditions.

Agile execution is closely aligned with a product-orientated mindset. But it doesn’t necessarily deliver business agility. This whitepaper will help you understand what organizations need to do to more effectively analyze the impact of any decision, regardless of what execution method is used.