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Watch The Benefits Realization/Outcome Mgmt. Software Demo Now!

Outcome Management

Tracking results is easy when all execution is derived from strategy

This demo recording provides a cockpit-view of the controls needed to drive successful ppm outcomes, measure results and master outcome management. Learn how UMT360’s Benefit Realization & Outcome Management Accelerator can help you more effectively derive all execution from strategy for enterprise agility.

Get the outcome management capabilities you need, quickly and easily

UMT360’s Accelerators are designed to be implemented quickly with minimal consulting or configuration. Watch this demo now to see how these powerful benefit realization management capabilities you’ve been missing can help build a benefit realization plan to:


Define, prioritize and communicate business strategy across the enterprise


Standardize metrics and set targets (both financial & non-financial) for each strategy


Derive initiatives directly from strategy and assess bottom-up forecasts


Assess initiative performance and track the performance of strategies and metrics