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The Agility Shift: Strategic Portfolio Management Trends For 2023

An on-demand webinar from UMT360.

Business agility starts with strategic portfolio management!

IDC predicts digital transformation spend will reach $3.4 trillion by 2026. But without strategic portfolio management processes and tools, Gartner warns that about 70% of that spending won’t achieve its expected business outcome. So what can you do to buck that alarming trend?

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UMT360 provides a preview of what smart organizations will be paying attention to in 2023 and beyond. Join us as we explore how these emerging trends all relate to the critical role that strategic portfolio management plays in helping every organization drive business agility:


The shift in focus from Digital Transformation to Business Agility


The convergence of strategy execution and business/enterprise architecture


The importance of evolving investment governance from project to product / capability driven


The need to establish a Transformation Office / SRO / EPMO